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Current Staff of the Department (2013)


Bekisz Marek, electrophysiological investigations on cortico-thalamic processing in awake animals, in different states of attention. Physiology of the cortico-thalamic system in vitro.

Błaszczyk Janusz, startle unconditioned reflex, learning, memory.

Boguszewski Paweł, Exploratory and emotional behavior in rats including risk assessment, anxiety, aggression and social interactions. Electrophysiological correlates (LFP) of emotional behavior and c-fos gene expression as molecular marker of limbic system activation. Behavioral phenotyping of genetically altered animals.


Cabaj Anna, Electrophysiological investigations of the functional recovery of muscles after injury of peripheral nervous system in rats. Neuromuscular interaction during the development of muscle, motoneuron, and motor units.

Czarkowska-Bauch Julita, Recovery processes following spinal cord injury: morphological and functional aspects.


Dzwonek Joanna, Molecular mechanisms underlying normal and aberrant synaptic plasticity.


Godzińska Ewa, Ethology and neurosociobiology of social insects. Behavioral reversion in ants. Neurochemical mechanisms of ant aggressive behavior. Ethopharmacology of ant social behavior.

Górkiewicz Tomasz, Electrophysiological studies of synaptic plasticity in various animal models of autism. Investigation of the role of MMP-9 in the long term potentiation (LTP) in the amygdala and in an appetitive learning.

Grabowska Anna, Neuroimaging (fMRI and ERP), brain plasticity in humans, hemispheric specialisation, emotion-cognition interaction, sex differences, neural base of left-handedness and dyslexia.


Hunt Mark, effect of psychoactive compounds on electrophysiological activity of the limbic system and cognitive function in freely moving rodents.


Jednoróg Katarzyna, neuronal markers of developmental dyslexia.


Kasicki Stefan, electrical activity of various structures of the limbic system during spontaneous, pharmacologically changed and conditioned defensive behavior of rodents. Relations between different frequency bands in LFPs.

Knapska Ewelina, brain circuits and cellular mechanisms underlying extinction and renewal of aversive memories and socially transferred emotions (the neural basis of empathy).

Korczyńska Julita, behavioral reversion in ants. Neurochemical mechanisms of ant aggressive behavior. Ethopharmacology of ant social behavior.

Kublik Ewa, electrophysiological investigations of the sensory systems in behaving animals.


Łęski Szymon, data analysis and modeling of (i) multichannel signals of extracellular potentials, (ii) mechanisms of attention in thalamocortical loops.


Majczyński Henryk, locomotion after various CNS lesions. Neurotransmitters and control of locomotion. Intraspinal transplantation. EMG investigations.

Magalska Adriana, the studies on the architecture of the neuronal cell nucleus.

Malinowska Monika, neural systems underlying spatial learning and memory; expression of transcription factors in functional mapping of the brain.

Mochol Gabriela, spontaneous activity and evoked responses of auditory cortical circuits across different brain states.


Niewiadomska Grażyna, Reversal of brain dysfunction induced by aging – basic and preclinical studies.

Nowicka Anna, processing of self-related information, memory, emotion, interhemispheric communication, neuroimaging, event-related potentials.


Rymaarczyk Krystyna, prosody, language, emotion. Brain damaged patients.


Skup Małgorzata, neuronal death, survival and recovery following brain and spinal cord injury: cellular mechanisms and functional aspects. The role of neurotrophins, their receptors and cell adhesion molecules in rearrangements of neuronal circuits and glial responses.

Sławińska Urszula, neuromuscular plasticity. Transplantation of neural tissue. Locomotion. Electrophysiological investigations.

Szatkowska Iwona, hemispheric specialization.

Szczuka Anna, neurochemical mechanisms of ant aggressive behavior. Behavioral reversion in ants. Ethopharmacology of ant social behavior.

Szeląg Elżbieta, time and timing, language disorders in children and adults, chronological aging, neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases, hemispheric asymmetry, cognitive function in neurorehabilitation, cognitive therapies, neuroplasticity, neuroimaging.

Szymaszek Aneta, speech therapy and language restitution; temporal information processing, neurodegeneration; neuroplasticity.


Waleszczyk Wioletta, electrophysiological investigations of the extrageniculate visual system in cats.

Węsierska Małgorzata, neural substrate for memory and cognition – animal and human studies.

Wilczyński Grzegorz, the studies on the architecture of the neuronal cell nucleus. Investigation of the role of extracellular matrix in neuronal plasticity.

Wójcik Daniel, novel methods of electrophysiological signal analysis, neural system modeling. Information coding in neural networks. Neuroinformatics infrastructure for 3D brain atlases and neurobiological databases.

Wróbel Andrzej, sensory systems, attention, functional integration. Electrophysiological investigations.


Yeghiazaryan Marine, neuromuscular plasticity. Extracellular matrix. Neuromorphology.